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The Procrastinator's Guide to Booking Air Travel

Did you know that this week is National Procrastination Week? (And no, we are not joking). It seems that every year the first full week of March is set aside to either promote the benefits of putting off tasks or to remind us to get moving -- depending on who you listen to.

Personally, here at Fly.com, we take the position of why defer or delay an action if it can result in an opportunity being lost. And that is why we have come up with our top seven air travel booking tips for those procrastinators looking to pull the trigger on vacation plans.

Happy travels!

Fly.com’s Top Tips for Procrastinators

  1. If you see an airfare that seems too good to be true, book it!
    Example: Last year, Fly.com users were able to save more than $500 on roundtrip flights to Israel.

  2. Don’t over-complicate your research. Use a trusted resource to do the legwork for you.
    Example: Airfare meta search engines, like Fly.com, are a great way to quickly find cheap flights because they search all the airline carriers and online travel agencies for you. 

  3. If fares are unusually high to your desired destination, try booking with miles instead.
    Example: The number of miles needed for your flight route typically remains the same, regardless of what the airline is charging in dollars.

  4. Sign up for airfare alerts if price is the only thing holding you back from visiting a specific destination.
    Example: Fly.com regularly posts airfare sales on Twitter and Facebook and Travelzoo publishes its Top 20® Travel & Entertainment Deals every week, as well as Last Minute Deals

  5. Use the free 24-hour hold or cancellation policies offered by major airlines such as American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.
    Example: Experts say that domestic fares can be changed up to four times a day by airlines. This means you have an opportunity to secure a lower fare before you have to confirm your booking.

  6. If you can’t decide where to go, why not pick the cheapest route instead?
    Example: Fly.com’s Fare Calendars identify the cheapest routes from your destination, as well as the cheapest days to fly to any destination in the world. 

  7. Follow airlines such as United Airlines, US Airways and American Airlines because they regularly post last-minute fares for the coming weekend on Tuesdays.
    Example: These fares are generally available for flights departing on Saturday and returning on Monday or Tuesday – great for a quick weekend trip.

Michelle Erickson is director of public relations for Fly.com. 

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