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Take a Beach Vacation During Winter in South America

Winter in South America -- a time when temperatures stay warm but beaches empty out -- brings along with it a variety of resort offers for travelers of all sorts. With savings of as much as 70% current costs, these properties draw visitors as diverse as their surroundings.

Tales of the Galapagos Island’s beauty have attracted nature-lovers from around the world. Experience yourself this summer for more than 55% off what other luxury hotels are charging. For an additional fee, the 4.5-star hotel on Puerto Ayora Bay offers day tours around the islands and snorkeling, horseback riding and mountain biking adventures. Red Mangrove properties are also available for stays further inland on Santa Cruz Island as well as on Isabela and Floreana islands and in Ruta del Sol on mainland Ecuador.

For history buffs, the Hotel Almirante Cartagena Estelar puts visitors five minutes from the historic Walled City in Cartagena, Colombia. Entering the stone fortress, tourists are transported back in time while exploring the ancient compound built to protect the city’s settlers.  After a day on the coral stone beaches surrounding the city, unwind at the hotel’s full-service before sampling cocktails at the poolside bar.

Night owls can take in the world-famous nightlife in Fortaleza. This is a place where fun outranks sleep on a visitor’s priority list.  Known for having, “the wildest Monday night’s in the world,” the city in Northeast Brazil offers all-night entertainment in bars, clubs and beach huts known as “Barracas de Praia.” Guests who need a few winks between beach and bar scenes can relax in luxury at the 5-star Gran Marquise Hotel on the city’s Mucuripe Beach. The hotel is next to the city’s best-after dark attractions.

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