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Spend New Year's Eve in New York

Anyone who’s been in New York City on New Year’s Eve knows it’s one of the most electric places to be. With a huge influx of travelers coming to celebrate, it can also be one of the more daunting times to make your way through the city or see the ball drop in Times Square. That sparkling ball has been part of celebrations in Times Square since 1904, and each year an estimated 1 million people gather around to countdown to midnight. The best part is … it’s free! And it's not too early to start working on your game plan.

Here are some tips to making the most out of the night:

Get there early: It might seem silly to arrive in the afternoon, but chances are the crowds will start to congregate around 3 p.m.

Find a prime spot: If you want to be in the heart of the action, the best viewing spots are along Seventh Avenue, up to 59th Street, and from 43rd to 50th Street on Broadway.

Make sure to dress warmly.

Pack a snack, and use the restroom before staking out your spot. As the day wears on it will become more difficult to exit and come back.

Avoid taxis and use the subway. With multiple road closures and tons of people battling for a taxi, your best bet is to take the subway to Times Square or one of the surround stations. Check out the Metropolitan Transit Authority website to find out about subway station closures or tips on making the ride as smooth as possible.

Looking for a New York hotel around the holidays? With several sales in the market, there are many options through the end of December.

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