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Save on Gas Costs this Summer

With air fuel surcharges and gas prices on the rise, you might feel that a summer getaway is out of the question. But guess again! From hotels to tourism groups, companies are helping travelers pay the price at the pump this summer.

When planning a trip, look for a hotel that includes a gas card or parking to offset the cost of fuel. Offers on Travelzoo are:

Before embarking on your trip check out the city’s tourism website, they often feature deals from local hotels -- the city of Asheville in North Carolina has several promotions that feature gas cards. These sites may also give you tips on how to get around using public transportation while visiting -- another way to cut down on costs.

Found a cheap flight or don’t want to rack up miles on your vehicle? Renting a car can be costly, but these deals from $7 will save you money, leaving more left over to fill up the tank.

For the tech savvy, there are readily available applications for smart phones. A new favorite is the app from AAA. Called TripTik, this iPhone app finds lowest gas prices on the road as well as features directions, ensuring travelers they will cut out unnecessary driving. A Droid version of this app is coming later in the summer.

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