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Photo Sites Inspiring Travel

This is my confession to my serial “retweeting, “repinning” and “liking.” Even though you may not admit it, pics of your friend’s flip flops in the Riviera Maya sand via Twitpic, or the Irish chateau pics on Facebook are hard to resist to share with the online world.

Online scrapbooking has recently gained popularity with the convenience and organization found on image-focused sites like The Fancy and Pinterest. With a few clicks you can make your own wanderlust page, showcasing all the places you’ve been, are going to or are on your travel bucket list. With commenting available on these pages, tips on destinations pop up naturally within a community of sharers so you’ll have a visual travel guide at the click of a button.

Travelzoo has joined in the fun, each week pinning our Top 20 favorites from the newsletter in the U.S. as well as the one across the pond. And our colleagues at Fly.com are even sharing some of their own favorite trip pics.

So don’t be shy, and go ahead and mark that stylish photo of the Eiffel Tower -- it will only inspire you and others to jet set and upload your own photos when you get back for that gratifying repin.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012
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