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New Year's Eve for the Rest of Us

Sure, we’d all love to be in New York City to witness that dazzling, 11,000 pound Waterford crystal ball drop in Times Square, marking the start of a new year. But let’s get real, it just isn’t going to be possible. Fear not, however, there’s still plenty of fun (and colorful) ways for the rest of us to celebrate New Year’s Eve, no matter where you live. You just need to be creative and do your homework. Care of TripAdvisor.com, here are some of this year’s highlights:

  • Memphis, Tennessee: Rock out in the birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll with a festival in the heart of the city, filled with live music and festivities along famous Beale Street. At midnight, witness the Hard Rock Café drop a 10-foot Gibson guitar to ring in 2011
  • Plymouth, Wisconsin: For all those cheeseheads, head to the town’s Creamery Building for live music and a midnight countdown with an 80-pound cheese wedge lowered down a 100-foot ladder truck. Best part – it’s free!
  • Port Clinton, Ohio: the “Walleye Fish Capital of the World” celebrates with games, fireworks and the dropping of a 20-foot, 600-pound walleye fish named Wylie. Walleye-themed fare includes walleye chowder and the local wine specialty, “Walleye White.”
  • Mount Olive, North Carolina: If you love pickles, head to a free event organized by the Mt. Olive Pickle Company, with pickle tastings, a “Pickle Polka” and a three-foot pickle drop at midnight.
  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: Who doesn’t love those delectable marshmallow treats known as Peeps? Head to the Peeps Fest with arts and crafts and live music. For the kids, a 45-pound Peep Chick is lowered for New Year’s at 5:45p.m.

So, if you’re one of those people that think that New Year’s Eve can never live up to the hype, don’t try to beat those New Yorkers, just hop in the car and head to an off-beat celebration near you!

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