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New Hiking Trail Connects Austria, Slovenia & Italy

Hiking enthusiasts have every reason to rejoice: the long-distance Alpe-Adria hiking trail connecting the countries of Austria, Slovenia and Italy and offering hikers 690 kilometers of diverse terrain to traverse in 38 stages opened a few months ago. 

Each stage consists of approximately 17 kilometers of low-level hiking and is designed to run along touristic regions deep-seated with rich culture and tradition. Beginning at the Grossglunker, hikers will trek south through the three countries to the Adriatic Sea upon reaching the geographical finish line, Muggia. 

Along the Aple-Adria trail, appropriately dubbed the Garden Eden, travelers will bear witness to heavenly views bathed in the Mediterranean sun featuring: alpine water, majestic mountaintops and lastly the cerulean sea. 

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012
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