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Merchants: Meet our New Scanner App

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying a lovely dinner at a new, hip Chicago restaurant with a friend. We wrap up our dinner, the waiter brings the bill, and I pull out my phone to show my Travelzoo Local Deals voucher. After looking at my screen for a short while, the waiter asks if he can take my phone into the kitchen in order to write down my voucher details.

“Hmm, this can’t be the best way to redeem this deal,” I begin to think as he walks into the kitchen with my phone. I’m certain I’m not the only customer who feels this way. It’s an awkward first impression for businesses using Travelzoo to greet new customers.

As the principal product manager for Travelzoo Local Deals, I knew the situation above wasn’t ideal. While Travelzoo encourages merchants to track their voucher redemptions to mitigate the risk of accepting refunded or previously used vouchers, our business understands that both simplicity in ease-of-use and a focus on security are key to running a successful offer.

In the last year, we’ve introduced solutions that are available to all Travelzoo merchants: Mobile Redemption, which works great for some partners, but not those who have a large staff or a decentralized point of sale; and the Travelzoo Merchant Center, which is a popular way for tracking redemptions, but can be cumbersome for businesses with high volume.

With our focus on simplicity and security, we asked ourselves: how do we help Local Deals partners even more, in addition to the solutions above?

Introducing: Travelzoo’s Merchant App for Local Deals Partners

Merchants can now quickly and easily redeem their customers' Travelzoo vouchers with a free iOS Merchant App.

For Local Deals businesses with an available Merchant Center account, you can now download this app from the Apple App Store in North America and Europe. Quickly scan a voucher's QR code, located on the bottom of the voucher, or type the voucher code and PIN number in order to redeem a customer’s deal. The app will verify that the voucher is valid and display the details to review and redeem.

We’re proud to introduce the new Merchant Scanner App, with benefits including:

  • Eliminates the risk of accepting a refunded or previously used voucher;
  • Real-time statistics on voucher redemption reflected in the Merchant Center account;
  • Less paperwork and effort than entering vouchers manually through the Merchant Center;
  • Creates a seamless, positive experience for your customers.

The Travelzoo Merchant App is available for iPhones, iPods and iPads through the Apple App Stores in US, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain and France

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Thursday, April 11, 2013
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