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Meeting a Great White: A Memorable Start to Summer

Like many other offices across the country, we here at Travelzoo love to share our “what we did on our summer vacations” stories, especially because we help so many people off the couch with our travel and local deals. It may only be mid-June, but my new story is tough to beat -- even “The Today Show” and CNN featured it.

Over the weekend a buddy and I were fishing about five miles off the coast of Jupiter, Fla., when we spotted something and couldn’t believe our eyes. Well, just watch this video to see what happened next.

Yes, that’s a great white shark -- later confirmed by an oceanographer -- hanging out next to our boat for about 10 minutes. The shark was up to 13 feet long and considered a young one by the scientist, who also said shark spottings are becoming more and more frequent.

Although we can’t promise any sightings as exciting as mine, Travelzoo has more than two dozen deals on fishing trips throughout the country. Use these fishing deals or others -- from zip lining in Hawaii to getting behind the wheel at racetracks nationwide -- to make this summer one to remember. Don’t be the one in your office with the boring old “sat on the beach” answer when September comes. The warm-weather months are the perfect time to get out and try something new: be it wine tastings, cooking classes, dining at new restaurants, exploring new cities, or seeing new live shows.

Can you top my tale of meeting the great white? What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you so far this year on vacation? Tweet us your stories @travelzoo or head over to our Facebook page to share your own adventures.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014
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