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Keeping Cool in the Southwest

Mercury doesn't always tell the truth. Oh, the thermometer might be calibrated correctly. And it's not likely that someone switched out mercury for, say, vinegar mixed with baking soda (or was it baking powder that gives an entertaining eruption?).

But mercury still lies just as much as Pinocchio, except its nose shoots up.

No one in the Southwestern U.S. just stands in the middle of the desert, arms out and waiting for the vultures to arrive.

Visitors to Palm Springs, Las Vegas and Phoenix are met with an army of cooling devices that shrink that temperature number by as much as 50 degrees.

Of course there's air conditioning. Bring a sweater for long gambling sessions -- some casinos are worse than others, but all love to crank up the air. Or hit the spa and dial the degrees back as much as desired.
Temperature differential: 50 degrees 

Head outside at these resort destinations and jump in the pool.
Temperature differential: 35 degrees

Think any kind of activity will increase the heat? Not at the scores of golf courses throughout the West that provide golf carts with misters. Greens fees for play in the summer are also 50-80% off peak-season prices.
Temperature differential: 20 degrees

Or just head out at night.
Temperature differential: 20 degrees

See, there's no reason to fear the mercury. Plus the money saved from traveling during a less-popular time of the year allows for the purchase of the best cooler -- H2O.

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Monday, April 9, 2012
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