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January Offers Hot Deals in Warm Destinations

As the calendar shifts to January, temperatures dip across the country, and -- believe it or not -- so do vacation prices in sunny destinations such as Florida, Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

Many travelers wait until February or March to dip into their annual allotment of vacation days -- opting for popular spring break locales. Resorts price their rooms accordingly, meaning rates rise with demand. The month of January, however, can represent a soft spot where the crowds are huddled at home instead of on the beach. Resorts are offering savings of as much as 65% on peak-season prices.

We compiled a list of great deals in warm weather destinations. Consider borrowing some vacation days -- or using those left over from 2010 -- and taking advantage of a deal or two. Think of it as a pre-spring break....

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Monday, January 3, 2011
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