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Go South, Way South

Sometimes, you just need a change of hemisphere.

Four fare sales currently in the market and featured on our international air section make it less expensive to plan a trip to the southern half of the globe. These deals Down Under are often early-bird offers for the upcoming spring and summer seasons (which, or course, occurs during the U.S. fall and winter). In many cases, the cost per mile on these trips is less than it would be on a coast-to-coast domestic flight. 

Jump on these now and start planning a trip to see how the other half lives.

South America: We rarely see sales to South America, so this offer from LAN Airlines really stands out. Fly to locations such as Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil through this sale -- with fares as low as $399 roundtrip. This saves as much as 80% on competing fares. Travel in September, October or November, but book by June 18

Adventurous types can combine this sale with a Galapagos package we published in this week's Top 20, including island tours to see the islands' giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies. I just returned from a vacation to Argentina and Brazil, and highlights included wine tasting in Mendoza and the awesome spectacle of Iguazu Falls.

New Zealand & Tahiti: Get two vacations for the price of one. This fare sale from Air Tahiti Nui covers flights to Auckland from LA for $1298 roundtrip -- a good price in its own right. But toss in a three-night stay at a 4-star resort in Tahiti and you've got a sweet layover at no extra cost. The other benefit -- it breaks up the long flight Down Under. Travel Aug. 24 - Dec. 10 or Jan. 21 - March 31 and book by June 22.

South Africa: Lions and tigers and .... well, you get the picture. A trip to South Africa is not all safaris, although you can find sweet deals for them in our vacation section. This sale from South Africa Airways drops the price of a roundtrip flight to $1199 including taxes for November/December travel, if you book by June 18. Besides going on a safari (highly recommended by fellow deal experts), visit the wine region in Stellenbosch and make sure to get up to Table Mountain in Cape Town. 

Cook Islands: Sometimes you just want to get away -- far away. This unspoiled bit of paradise in the South Pacific offers a true escape, and flights are $860 roundtrip from LA this fall on Air New ZealandBook by June 21. 

Still want to take a big trip, but want someone else to do the planning? Check these links for vacation deals to the Americas, South Pacific and Africa.

See you on the flip side!

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