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Float Off to Paris, the City of Lights

With reduced rates and opened doors, boutique and luxury hotels in Paris are welcoming international travelers. It's the perfect time to discover the town, when many Parisians leave for their own holidays. No traffic jams, no hurry in the subway, and the weather is so pleasant. No need to go to the French Riviera, as Paris opens its own beach all along the Seine, called the Paris Plage, with many attractions and concerts.

A few months ago France standardized the 5-star rating on several hotels -- a good reference for the international travelers who would like to experiment French luxury life-style.

In the Paris office, we're seeing deals on all kinds of hotels.

Ever tried a floating bed? For as low as $136 (€109) per night, stay in a very posh new property: the Seven Hotel, in the center of Paris. It’s not just about a night, it’s kind of a unique experience. No trick here, you can try the absolute levitation in this design temple. Learn more about this deal here.

Float off to Paris, and dreams come true!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010
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