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European Travel Cheat Sheet

Want to explore Europe but unsure where to start? The continent is pinned with bucket list destinations; check out our cheat sheet for a beginner’s guide based on corresponding cities in the states.

If you like NYC … visit London

The U.K. capital goes toe-to-toe with the Big Apple as reigning kingdom of fashion, finance and fun. No matter the hour, any sort of food or entertainment can be found on the streets of London in a New York Minute. Just as you can brush shoulders with a supermodel while shopping in SoHo and the West Village, keep an eye out for celebs who call London home, including the world’s most famous baby bump.

If you like Portland … visit Amsterdam

The “City of Roses” and the tulip capital of the world share more than flowery titles. Like Portland, Amsterdam is a progressive city that seems to have cornered the market on all things cool, including a huge bike culture and renowned breweries. Cruise the city on two wheels or on a canal bus, take a complimentary tour of the Diamond factories or ask around for theaters with free midday concerts..

If you like Miami … visit Ibiza

A Spaniard, an American, and a Brit walk into a club… You’re either in Ibiza or a knock-knock joke. Night owls flock from all over the world to party on the Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea. The club scene dominates the nightlife and just like South Beach, be prepared for long lines and steep entry fees when big-name DJs perform. After sunrise, partygoers head to the beach to sleep off the night before in the sand.

If you like San Francisco … visit Paris

For a European vacation tailored to drinking wine and people watching, book a flight to Paris. Known throughout the world for its cuisine and unique inhabitants, the French capital is a walkable city with striking architecture, a thriving arts scene and romantic history. Champagne and Loire wine regions are a day trip from Paris and vineyards from throughout the country keep wine cellars in The City of Light fully stocked.

If you like Boston … visit Dublin

The wave of Irish immigrants who settled in Boston held true to their roots by filling their adopted hometown with Catholic churches in Georgian style nearly identical to those found in Dublin. Passionate sports fans can find kinsmen at rugby and football matches or Temple Bar pubs with hundreds of beers on tap -- including Guinness, of course. Take a crash course in Irish literature on a pub crawl complete with professional actors bringing the city’s beloved history and characters to life. 


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