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Eat Like a Local in Jamaica From Bammy to Breadfruit

It’s rare to see a menu in Jamaica without at least one "jerk" dish listed. Made from a smattering of allspice, hot scotch bonnet peppers and other seasonings, jerk chicken is slowly smoked over pimento logs and topped with panels of corrugated metal to trap in the flavor as it cooks.

While the famed dish might rub out the competition recognition-wise, this star shines surrounded by its less-familiar sides. With such standalone zest, the popular accompaniments serve to complement the flavor, not distract from it.

Mate the meat of your choice with a chunk of festival. The sugar added to these fried cornmeal-based dumplings offsets the spices and peppers of the marinade for a party in your mouth literally. Dip them in the excess sauce and thank me later.

Bammy is a milder side; this flatbread made from the cassava root (the same plant that makes tapioca) is also tasty served with fried fish. Starchy fruits and vegetables like roasted yams are found within reach as well. Breadfruit -- a fruit with a bread-like consistency -- is another exotic, naturally sweet standby.

Now even though rice and peas sounds straightforward, peas here refer to kidney beans. No circular green veggies are found in this combo but its coconut milk topping lends a slightly sugared taste even kids can enjoy.

With three locations in Jamaica, the ever-popular Scotchies serves all the above items and more. Jet away for four nights in Montego Bay for $479. Book soon; this offer ends today. And for more deals to satisfy your hunger, dig into Travelzoo’s section for Caribbean hotels and vacation packages for other Jamaica trip ideas.

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