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Don't Let Those Vacation Days Go To Waste

Now, don’t lie -- how many vacation days do you have left for this year?  With Thanksgiving behind us, there are only about five weeks left in the year, and with 2012 quickly creeping up, 57% of Americans will see an average of 11 vacation days go down the drain.

A study conducted by Harris Interactive also shows that more than 60% feel they deserve the time off, but about a third of those are hesitant to request the remaining days from their manager.

So what’s the deal with the leftover days? We’re finding way too many reasons to bypass the days, or saving them for naught because we’re too consumed at our respective jobs. And while dedication is admired, other studies have shown employees who give up vacation time are dissatisfied and less productive at work -- not to mention at risk of more health problems.

So the next time you’re perusing the site on your lunch break, think about your health and check out some of these last-minute travel deals and click “Book” instead of closing out the window. Tell your boss about them too -- but not before you request those last few days off this year.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
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