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Deal Experts' Favorite Travel Memories: Greek Islands

With sugar-white rows of charming villages built against a backdrop of endless blue sky and sea, it’s no surprise that Greece plays host to over 16.5 million tourists each year – more than the country’s entire population.  As many of our Deal Experts comprise this plentiful tourist population, we’ve collected some of their favorite tips and memories for traveling this country. More itinerary suggestions -- and exclusive travel deals -- can be found within our Featured Destination: Greek Islands page.

  • My favorite Santorini moment wasn’t an event or a meal, it was simply laying in an open air cabana in the middle of the day, with my Greek Salad (the best feta) and glass of champagne staring over the cliffs out to the Mediterranean, taking a big deep breath and truly relaxing and taking in my surroundings. I was newly married and couldn’t have been in a more peaceful state. When I think of our honeymoon, I always think of that moment and memory. -- Jaime Freedman, group publisher, travel

  • The best meal we had on the islands was at a small beachside eatery we stumbled onto after a long day on Santorini's red beaches. It was the kind of obscure local place where you dined outside at shaded picnic tables. For 20 euros total, we got three delicious platters of fresh fish, french fries and a carafe of white wine to share.  Scoping out local spots like this one can save a ton of money and give you a taste of the freshest, most authentic flavors of Greece. -- Jen Lee, assistant producer, Local Deals

  • If you want to see Athens on the cheap before launching to the islands, taxi drivers make fantastic tour guides there and stop right at the best spots. Negotiate a daily rate for a tour of the city. I scored 5 hours with a driver for 60 euro. -- James Murray, senior sales manager, travel

  • On Santorini, get a hotel with a private balcony and a view of the Caldera. That way you can have drinks each night with perfect sunset views. -- Ashley Hamilton, associate producer, travel

  • In the harbor of Kos you can book cheap boat tours to Bodrum to go shop in the markets and Turkish souks. -- Monika Heigl, producer, travel

  • While on our honeymoon, we chose to stop in Naxos.  It’s a small Greek island between Mykonos and Santorini and made getting between the islands easy breezy.  It cut the ferry ride from Mykonos to Santorini in half and introduced us to a lesser known island.  We took a horseback riding tour through the island and on the beach during sunset.  It was an awesome way to see this small island. -- Jodi Burns, senior producer and director of hotel content, travel

  • On Santorini, people often forego Kamari for Fira.  Don’t dismiss the little beach town of Kamari, where the black sand looks like crumbled up Oreos against your flip flops and many bars and restaurants line the boardwalk for a refreshment after a day in the sun. -- Antoinette Fadera, associate producer, travel

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013
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