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Deal Experts’ Favorite Paris Memories

Whether you know it as the city of light, love or one of your bucket list destinations, Paris will leave you longing to return for more. 

Our deal experts have strolled along the Champs-Elysees, picnicked on the Place des Vosges, lined up for the Louvre and have a collection of tips that will help you make the most of your days living like a Parisian.


“This isn’t news by now, but Paris’ cuisine, particularly that which is found in the restaurants run by the city’s young chefs is world-class and quite different from the vision of traditional Parisian dining. A couple favorites include Le Chateaubriand and Agape Substance. -- Mark Fredenburg, Senior Associate Producer

“One of my favorite memories while touring Paris was taking an afternoon break each day of our vacation for a glass of rosé at an outdoor café. We also enjoyed day trips to Reims (the Champagne region) for a tasting at Veuve Cliquot and to Versailles for a tour of the amazing gardens and palaces at Chateau de Versailles.” -- Angela Shannon, Executive Producer

“Go to Le Marais for falafel and just to wander through the beautiful, historic streets. It feels like visiting Paris in the 1900s. And literary geeks will love seeing where Victor Hugo lived and found inspiration.” -- Ashley Hamilton, Associate Producer


“I recommend the “Pont des Arts” called also the “love bridge” where all the lovers put a padlock then throw the key into the Seine to seal their love. Quite funny to see and has the view on Notre-Dame!” -- Betty Noel, Assistant Producer (France)

For more on the romantic side of Paris, check out our deal expert Mark Fredenburg’s blog Travelzoo Experience: Anniversary Trip to Paris


“Head to Rue Mouffetard. This winding street in the 5th arrondissement is packed with cafes, bars and lively restaurants. The street is closed to automobile traffic in the evenings, so it becomes a great place to walk around, while ducking into several places along the way.” -- Kevin Kitchen, Senior Associate Producer


Chez Colette is one of the most chic boutiques in Paris. Roam Ruedes Francs Bourgeois in the Marais, which hosts numerous fashion boutiques.” -- Stéphane Renard, Publisher, France and International Hotels, Europe


“The best travel tip I have is to buy the Paris Museum Pass. We visited the Louvre, Versailles Palace, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Rodin Museum and more. Buying individual tickets for each of these attractions would’ve cost more than double what I paid. Having the pass also lets you skip the ticket line at both Versailles and the Louvre, which often can be the longest lines to wait in.” -- Mary Walker Baus, Assistant Producer

Traveling Solo? Fear not!

“Paris is not just for lovers! I’ve traveled to Paris with a significant other, with a good friend, with each of my parents and by myself. I’ve experienced Paris through a different lens each time, all wonderful.  Being able to experience the city by myself wasn’t as lonely as I had anticipated: It gave me the chance to truly observe and absorb, like I was traveling within a living painting.”  -- Erica Bray, Senior Producer and Director of Destinations

Choose Your Own Adventure

“With cities like Paris, the best part is just veering off on your own, and that’s just what I did. After taking the most roundabout way to get to the Rodin Sculpture Garden from the First, the loveliest day of my trip was just spent with a book amid the statues and estate, a really great coffee and the sunshine.” -- Hilary Solan, Senior Copy Editor

Paris Underground

“The city is full of nice places to discover, but the underground of Paris is also full of secrets. While you visit Paris, take a visit to the Catacombs. During 45 minutes you will go through 1.2 miles of old quarries and navigate Paris underground -- quite a unique experience!” -- Betty Noel, Assistant Producer (France)

Seine River

“I went to Paris last year with my mum and we actually booked a River Seine Champagne cruise through Travelzoo, that really was the highlight of the trip. I cannot recommend it enough it was magical and it would definitely encourage me to book it again.” -- Krystina Mitchell, Associate Producer (London)

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