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Books to Read on a Cruise

Here at Travelzoo we love nothing more than a good book to read while away on our travels, especially when at sea. We've put together a list of top reads -- all cruise-related of course -- that are perfect for days at sea or those evenings when you don't fancy getting glammed up for a Broadway show or a trip to the casino.

"Decked" by Carol Higgins Clark
This cat-and-mouse caper by Carol Higgins Clark centers on private investigator named Regan Reilly in Los Angeles. Looking into the murder of her former college roommate leads her on to a cruise ship crossing the Atlantic. Cue a killer on the loose and twists and turns all the way to the end.
Good for: Fans of murder mystery

"Skinny Dip" by Carl Hiassen
Comic fiction set in Florida about a woman pushed overboard on a cruise by her husband. Surviving to tell the tale, she sets about taking revenge, making a series of friends and enemies along the way.
Good for: Anyone with a taste for dark humour

"Skipping Christmas" by John Grisham
This satire by John Grisham focuses on the planning of a cruise, rather than taking place on one. A married couple decide a cruise around the Caribbean over Christmas would be a cheaper and more relaxing alternative to staying home. However, the neighbors in their tight-knit community are not happy about the decision and start interfering.
Good for: A light-hearted and silly read

"Devils on the Deep Blue Sea" by Kristoffer Garin
The book chronicles the rise of the cruise industry in Miami from the early 1960s to current times. Published in 2006 so perhaps a little out of date now, Devils on the Deep Blue Sea still makes for an interesting read.
Good for: History buffs

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