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Book Early for Aruba Vacation Savings

It's no secret or surprise: The busiest time to take a Caribbean island vacation, to destinations like Aruba, is winter. But the time between the holidays and Easter/spring break also is the most expensive period of the year.

Getting to wear flip flops instead of thick boots is appealing, but if you can book now and hold out on vacation until spring or summer, you'll nab deeper discounts. That's what we found with this week's Destination of the Week -- Aruba.

Our round-up of deals includes winter getaways for sure, but it also showcases just how lucrative it can be to go a few months later. And even if you miss Carnival in February, you still can catch a mix of cultural festivals and island events -- from the soul music festival in May to the island-wide volunteer project in July (cleaning up beaches, dive and snorkel sites).

Another bonus: Most of the Caribbean islands fall within the hurricane zone, and that season starts June 1. Aruba is one of the islands on the fringe, making its chances for a storm extremely rare.

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Friday, January 20, 2012
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