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Around the World in Seven Deals

In the bestselling travel book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die,” author Patricia Schultz chronicles a must-see list of destinations around the world.

For most of us, that list is pretty daunting, as we’re limited to tackling just one country at a time.

But, how many destinations could you scratch off that list if you traveled around the globe, using only Travelzoo deals?

Glad you asked. In an homage to “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” my goal was to travel around the globe one time in exactly seven deals with these rules:

  • You must travel the globe once, leaving your home country and returning, in exactly seven deals, not five, six or eight.
  • You can never use the same vacation packager more than once. We offer a lot of variety on Travelzoo, not just in terms of destinations, but also in types of vacation packagers.
  • You cannot visit the same country twice.

With those rules in mind, here’s the journey I would take (but you could piece together your own global journey on Travelzoo using seven different deals):

  • From Los Angeles, we start our journey off right by booking Friendly Planet’s exotic six-night Dubai and Bangkok vacation for $1899 per person.  On this escorted itinerary, we’ll visit a terrific blend of jaw-dropping skyscrapers like the 160-story Burj Khlaifa in Dubai as well as ancient sites like the five-ton Golden Buddha in Bangkok.
  • After that exhilarating experience, we’ll jet to Italy for a relaxing change of pace with Sceptre Tours’ seven-night Amalfi Coast escape. For $1299 per person, we’ll spend seven nights in Sorrento, visiting nearby seaside towns with our rental car (included in the deal, along with airfare and daily breakfast).
  • From there, Virgin Vacations’ escorted Vienna, Prague and Budapest package is just a short hop away. For $1999 per person, we’ll knock out three of Central Europe’s major gems in seven nights, all while staying in 4- and 5-star hotels along the way.
  • Of course, no trip around the world would be complete without London, Paris and Amsterdam. Thanks to Go Ahead Tours’ three-city European vacation for $2449 per person, we’ll spend nine nights taking in iconic sites like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Next, we’ll fly south to experience the luxurious side of South Africa on Lion World Tour’s safari-and-winery package. For $2699 per person, we’ll spend seven nights sipping wine and spotting majestic wildlife on thrilling game drives.
  • Our next trip awaits as we cross the Atlantic for Intrepid Travel’s 14-night Peru adventure. On this escorted itinerary, we’ll traverse the countryside, visiting mummies, islands and Machu Picchu – all for $1452 per person.
  • Before heading home to the United States, we’ll take a much-needed break in Riviera Maya with Cheap Caribbean’s all-inclusive beach escape.  For $599 per person, we’ll spend three nights sipping margaritas poolside at a 4-star beachfront resort.

Total retail price of this showcase showdown is … $12,396. That’s pretty incredible when you consider that you’re visiting 11 countries in 53 nights and saving $5,093 by booking your deals through Travelzoo.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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