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Featured Destination: Greater Fort Lauderdale

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Sunny Summer Savings

Fort Lauderdale shines in spring and summer, thanks to specials uncovered by Travelzoo Deal Experts, combined with two-for-one deals at top attractions across the area.

Discover a water culture that spans more than 300 miles, providing spectacular views of mega-yachts and mansions, as well as alfresco dining options along the canals. Designer outlet shopping, hip neighborhoods, music lounges, fashion, art and entertainment merge for a thriving day-to-night cultural scene.

Festivals & Events
Highlights include outdoor concerts, food, wine & art festivals throughout summer.
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Free Vacation Guide
Get your Greater Fort Lauderdale Vacation Playbook for the best of the beach, on the go.
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FREE Beach Starter Kit
Special summer savings when booking a two-night hotel stay.
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Vacation like a VIP
Resort credits, perks and 2-for-1 savings at select Fort Lauderdale hotels.
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