Featured Destination: Dubai

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Dynamo of the Desert 

Dubai doesn't do anything at less than full throttle. This cosmopolitan gem is a land of glitzy bests, firsts and onlys.

Beyond the opulence of its skyscrapers, mega-malls, yachts and thoroughbreds is a safe place where the curious can peel back layers of a culture straddling old-world tradition and modern ambition.

Summer uncovers deals to this dazzling city where the old world blends with the new. Stay for a week or a few days' stopover in this desert oasis. 

Getting Here
The national airline, Emirates, is one of 100+ carriers servicing Dubai.
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Cruises to Dubai
This booming cruise port hosts more than 120 ships annually.
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Dubai Brochure
View the digital brochure for more information on Dubai.
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Dubai Department of Tourism

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