Featured Destination: Europe by Sea

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Sail Europe, Save Big

Cruising is a popular (and cost-effective) way to chart a European adventure. It's also convenient: Unpack your bags once and wake up every day in a new European city.

Let Royal Caribbean do the work. Save hundreds compared with similar itineraries through 2012 and sail in and out of exotic ports, sampling the best of Italy, Greece, Norway and Russia -- just to name a few.

With a commitment to innovative enhancements of its entire fleet, Royal Caribbean offers 3- to 16-night voyages aboard its 11 European vessels.

New Ships
Discover what upgrades Royal Caribbean is adding to its fleet.
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Family Cruises
Learn about ships with the kid-friendly DreamWorks Experience.
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Shore Excursions
Find out what exciting activities & tours await in each port city.
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Transatlantic Cruises
Experience travel of a bygone era by sailing to/from Europe.
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More Europe Deals
Browse Royal Caribbean's "Hot Deals" for more cruises.
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