Featured Destination: Barbados

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Island Vibes at a Big Value

Escape cool temperatures for the sultry island of Barbados -- the beaches, culture and eco-adventures of which are known to seduce travelers.

Dubbed "England in the Tropics" for its British flair, Barbados boasts discounts of up to 60% for travel during peak spring dates and even through summer.

Travelers who book a vacation package are eligible for the Barbados Island Inclusive of up to $200 in free on-island spending money.

Seize the savings and discover why songstress Rihanna is proud to call this Caribbean island home.

Barbados Island Inclusive
Book a vacation and get up to $200 in free on-island spending money.
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Events Calendar
Plan a trip around a cultural celebration.
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Become a Fan
"Like" Barbados on Facebook for travel tips.
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Barbados Tourism Authority

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