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Cheap Flights to Harare

Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe and the nation’s largest city, is in a state of seemingly endless flux in the modern era. Construction of skyscrapers, city squares, luxury hotels and attractions ebbed and flowed throughout the 80s and 90s, and in the 21st century, the city’s downturns became more severe due to Zimbabwe’s unpredictable government and financial strength. These challenges have stunted tourism in Harare, though the city’s historical landmarks, cultural institutions and finer hotels remain. Cheap flights to Harare are still available, and with a growing need for tourist dollars, travelers can expect attentive hospitality and a vacation experience that is intriguing and memorable specifically because of the daunting trials the city faces.

Which Airlines Fly to Harare?

Due to the enduring trend of political and economic instability in Zimbabwe, flights into Harare are limited and flight schedules may change unexpectedly. Harare International Airport (HRE) remains a hub for Air Zimbabwe, which flies into Harare from cities including London and Johannesburg, both of which can be reached directly from the United States. From Johannesburg, it is also possible to fly to Harare via British Airways and South African Airways.

Harare Flight Tips

If you’re having difficulty finding a major airline flight into Harare, you may find success by contacting charter airlines based in the larger airports of South Africa and Kenya.

Quick Travel Guide to Harare

While some travelers are dissuaded from visiting Harare because of its troubles, others are compelled to see the city for the very same reasons. The effects of the severe inflation of Zimbabwe’s original currency are apparent throughout Harare, offering glimpses into day-to-day challenges not often seen in Western nations. However, visitors who are gracious, respectful and who avoid talk of Zimbabwe’s politics will usually be welcomed with equal kindness, and a willingness to tip those who are helpful will ingratiate you with the locals to no end. 

Those who can see past Harare’s struggle will be rewarded with sights that more timid travelers may never see, such as The National Gallery of Zimbabwe, a large and modern art gallery featuring predominantly contemporary Zimbabwean collections. The gallery is also a great place to catch prominent touring exhibits that rarely leave the continent. Another must-see is the Chapungu Sculpture Park, arguably the world’s finest collection of the region’s traditional Shona sculpture.
Though some of the hotels in Zimbabwe have shared in the city’s decline, others have successfully maintained their excellent standards. These include many historic hotels such as the Mushandirapamwe Hotel, which housed many key figures throughout Zimbabwe’s independence movement.

If you’re inclined to explore beyond the city, the countryside to the northwest is dotted with numerous scenic national parks and safari areas. A half-day’s journey to the west, which leads through Southern Zambia, will lead you to Victoria Falls, the largest waterfalls in the world.

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