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Cheap Flights to Flint

As the birthplace of General Motors, Flint, Michigan is one of the most significant cities in America's industrial history. When the automaker began relocating its manufacturing plants in the late 1970s, its population sharply declined, and Flint has battled the challenges of deindustrialization ever since. Some visitors take advantage of the cheap flights to Flint because they're curious about the mystique of its abandoned assembly lines and depopulated neighborhoods, only to discover that Flint offers several thriving museums, cultural sites and local hangouts. Whether you're mostly interested in the booming city that Flint once was or are intrigued by the ways in which it's surviving in the post-GM era, your visit to Flint will make a memorable impression.

Which Airlines Fly to Flint?

Most air traffic into Flint arrives at Bishop International Airport (FNT), located within the city limits on the southwest side. Bishop International welcomes around 25 daily arrivals from five airlines. AirTran Airways flies nonstop from Atlanta, Orlando and Tampa, American Airlines offers direct flights from Chicago, and Frontier Airlines covers nonstop routes from Milwaukee. Delta offers direct flights from Atlanta and, through its affiliate brand Delta Connection, from Detroit and Minneapolis. Continental's affiliate Continental Connection flies nonstop from Cleveland. Every connecting flight to Flint makes its final connection in one of these cities.

Flint Flight Tips

If you are having trouble finding cheap flights to Flint, search for airfare to Detroit and drive from there. Detroit is a little over an hour drive from Flint.

Quick Travel Guide to Flint

It was the rise of the American automotive industry that first put Flint on the map, and the prosperity of the city has been linked to the health of the auto business ever since. After decades of declining sales and shuffling plants, Flint's population dropped from around 200,000 in 1960 to about half that number today. Interestingly, the decay that has befallen parts of Flint has spawned a specific tourism niche; travelers arrive each year to see the urban ghost towns that were once some of Flint's most vibrant neighborhoods. But the eerie sights that inspire grim curiosity are just part of the Flint experience, and visitors eager to embrace the city's future have lots to look forward to. Check into one of the comfortable hotels in Flint and start exploring the neighborhoods that are as vibrant as ever.

No trip to the area is complete without a stop at the Flint Cultural Center, built in the city's heyday. The center is an impressively large complex of nine attractions that includes the locally-focused Sloan Museum and Automotive Gallery, the exhaustive collections of the Flint Institute of Arts, and the state's largest planetarium. The campus has been well-maintained through the years, and remains one of Flint's most popular destinations.

You can experience different aspects of Flint's history with a visit to Crossroads Village, a restored community of historic buildings that include an authentic general store, a blacksmith shop and an operating gristmill. The nearby Huckleberry Railroad, a historic narrow-gauge rail line that follows a scenic route through the area, offers you a chance to ride a genuine steam locomotive along the scenic Mott Lake.

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