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Advertise with Us
  • Delta Hotels

    Travelzoo allows us to be tactical and to stay in control of our sales. They provide excellent value and customer service.

    Ken Gruber
    Director of Marketing, Delta Chelsea Hotels

  • Globotours

    It’s incredible to see the phones light up when we push deals through the Travelzoo Top 20. Even when featuring higher priced packages and unique destinations, we’re able to drive incremental business by putting a great offer in front of their millions of subscribers.

    Edwin Choy
    President, Globotours

  • Blueberry Lake Resort

    Travelzoo forms an important component in our strategic online marketing plan... The immediacy of response to our Top 20 promotions allows us to quickly recognize rapid returns on our investments...

    Keith Brown
    Director of Sales and Marketing, Blueberry Lake Resort

  • Salt Lake City

    After the Top 20 drop, the Travelzoo Destination of the Week program provided the Salt Lake City CVB with more Web site referral traffic at a lower CPC, than any other publisher program.

    Tania Leichliter
    Principal, AdGenuity Marketing Solutions, Inc., Agency of the Salt Lake City Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • Virgin America

    We use Travelzoo to push our best fare sales to their audience. We leverage Travelzoo because we know it works! We get an immediate response through traffic and sales once the Top 20 or Newsflash drops. Travelzoo gives us our best spike in sales.

    Randy Laser
    Director of Pricing and Revenue Management, Virgin America

  • Ritz-Carlton

    Of the diners that have come in so far, 85 percent of them are new clients. In addition, the customers spent anywhere from $20 to $60 more than the voucher amount, mostly on drinks and dessert. We had one couple come back for dinner the very next night!

    Jennifer Blackmon
    Director of Sales and Marketing for bistro 24, Ritz-Carlton Phoenix

  • Travel Alberta

    Travelzoo was able to showcase some of our unique events and tourism products... This combined with Travelzoo’s delivery method provided great booking results for industry partners and solid visits to the Travel Alberta website.

    Dennis Van Horn
    E-Marketing Specialist, Travel Alberta

  • National Ballet of Canada

    The glorious thing about working with Travelzoo is that we are able to directly track our sales. As soon as the newsletter goes out I can literally see the instantaneous results, and from a marketing standpoint that is very empowering.

    Iain Newbigin
    Associate Director of Marketing, National Ballet of Canada

There’s a reason why we’re called The Deal Experts

Since 1998, we’ve established a standard of excellence that has helped us become the trusted publisher of travel, entertainment and local deals on the Internet. Travelzoo® works with advertisers around the world publishing compelling deals that stimulate and capture demand. We drive qualified leads and measurable results direct to suppliers.

Did you know?


The number of countries where Travelzoo publishes deals.


The number of deal experts vetting and publishing Travelzoo deals.


The number of advertisers leveraging Travelzoo.

29 million

The number of affluent and sophisticated Travelzoo subscribers receiving your deals.

$50.7 billion

The amount of money Travelzoo subscribers spend per year on leisure travel bookings.

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Our Publications

  1. Top 20®
    The Top 20 is the definitive list of the week’s 20 best travel and entertainment deals that have been evaluated by Travelzoo’s deal experts and rigorously tested by the Test Booking Center™.
  2. Newsflash
    Newsflash is a geo-targeted e-mail alert service that informs Travelzoo subscribers about relevant, time-sensitive deals.
  3. Travelzoo® websites
    www.travelzoo.com is an online resource providing outstanding deals available directly from 2,000 companies across various categories and locations.
  4. SuperSearch™
    SuperSearch is a travel search website that allows users to search for the best deals by entering an itinerary that will provide a list of all recommended resources.
  5. Travelzoo Local Deals
    Travelzoo Local Deals publishes local restaurant, spa and entertainment deals in cities across the world. Travelzoo Local Deals combines high-quality deals, Travelzoo’s rigorous vetting process and the group buying model to stimulate immediate, incremental business for local merchants.