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Understanding Ticket Fees

If you've ever purchased a ticket to a show or concert, you've probably wondered why the final cost is higher than the advertised price. Here's a breakdown of ticket fees, and solutions to hope you save a little cash:

The Fee: Convenience 
You're probably familiar with the term convenience fee if you've ever purchased tickets online or over the phone. This money often is split between the venue and the ticketing provider (like Ticketmaster) to offset the cost of these services. The per-ticket cost can be up to $15, depending on the contract between the venue and its ticket provider.

The Solution 
Most venues do not charge a convenience fee for purchases made in person at the box office. Call or check individual venue websites to confirm, but a trip to the box office usually can result in a significant per-ticket savings. Many convenience charges also are calculated based on the price of the ticket (lower-price tickets come with lower fees), so finding a discount or buying a lower price point can reduce per-ticket fees. In this respect, buying tickets using a Travelzoo promotion often can save money on fees.

The Fee: Shipping
Shipping charges can add up. Shipping is often a flat rate per order, but many ticket systems offer a print-at-home option that, while convenient, can be a per-ticket expense.

The Solution
Shipping charges vary from venue to venue, but many offer at least one no-cost option, so be sure to investigate. Often, standard mail is free, but this requires advance planning. Will call is another frequent no-cost option that can be booked at the last minute. If you go this route, be sure to arrive for the show a little early in case there is a line to pick up the tickets.

The Fee: Facilities
Facility fees (or restoration fees) are a minimal fee that can be up to $3 per ticket. Most venues charge this fee whether you buy online, over the phone or in person. The full amount of this fee goes directly to the venue to offset the high costs of operation.

The Solution:
Unfortunately, if the venue has a facility fee, there is no way around it. Every ticket sold will have this additional fee.

Some venues waive their fees entirely for Travelzoo specials. Check this page often!

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