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Springtime Deals in Ireland

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, with the promise of spring not too far behind. Ireland, the country that gifted the world the most recognized holiday of the patron of saints, is gearing up for its best travel season. The winter frost across the green fields and rolling hills is beginning to thaw and spring wild flowers will soon begin to bloom.

Set on the northwest tip of Europe, Ireland might be known as the land that boasts 40 shades of green, but the country also boasts spectacular coastlines surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, as well as rugged cliffs and deep valleys.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, throw on a green shirt, grab a Guinness and take a peek at some of these stellar travel deals across the Emerald Isle:

  • Spend a night at over 1,000 B&Bs across Ireland with this deal -- hop around the island and experience true Irish hospitality.
  • You can also see Ireland from its roads with a self-drive tour that includes a charming itinerary of Irish folk culture and music with 9-day car rental. Take scenic back roads across the country and choose your own adventure.
  • For $890 per person, this escorted tour includes 4-star stays and activities like a medieval castle feast. While in Dublin, take advantage of the pub scene and chat with the friendly locals over a glass of your favorite brew.

For more travel and sightseeing deals, check out the Ireland Destination of the Week page.

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