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New Year's Travel Resolutions

It’s nearly the time of year again when people (more specifically my mother) start asking, “What’s your New Year’s resolution this year?” Possibly followed by a silent “I have a few suggestions if you’re interested.”

Nonetheless, I’m beating everyone to the punch this year, as I’ve come up with my resolutions, New Year's Travel Resolutions to be exact, well in advance -- ones that I’m actually very excited to keep in 2013 and beyond. Here they are:

Stop thinking that "travel" needs to mean somewhere abroad:
I'm embarrassed by how little I’ve seen of Canada (my own country) and of top US attractions – which are essentially in my own backyard. I want to explore more, closer to home and become a traveler wherever I am, even in my own town, by getting out there more and trying new things. Find Canada entertainment deals and Canadian hotel deals for as much as 60% off that make trying new things easy to plan and easy on the wallet.

Live for the moment:  
Yes, I am one of those people who often feel like they need a vacation after their vacation. Sometimes I get caught up in the “must see it all while I’m here” mentality and in checking all of the required sights off my list, and I end up exhausting myself. This year: less running around from place to place, more living in the moment and taking in the scenery – sans camera lens.

Mature my travel style:
After so many years traveling, oxymoronically, as what I consider an "upscale-backpacker," it's time that my travel choices grow-up a bit, as I have. And though I will always have a soft spot for street food, I want to splurge a little more often on my future trips. At the top of this list is finding a great business class airfare in 2013.

My last two resolutions go hand-in-hand, under the Carpe Diem umbrella.

Go somewhere that I never thought I wanted to go and Travel in whatever block of time I can manage:
One of the things I love most about travelling is that it inspires more ideas. I’ve had incredible experiences that I never could have imagined for myself before going somewhere new and either being thrown into it, or meeting someone who encouraged me to try something different. From those encounters, have come new places I want to go and new things I want to try that never would have occurred to me before.

This year, I’m putting the cart before the horse and am open to suggestions. And I will take whatever I can get, whenever I can get it. Not every trip needs to be an epic multi-month adventure. A great last-minute travel deal such as a week in The U.S. Virgin Islands or a ski weekend in Canyons Resort, Utah seems much more manageable, and may be just the trip that I always never knew I was missing.

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