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Experiencing Temperate Rain Forests

When most of us think of the rain forest, we think of lush jungle plants, high humidity and heavy rainfall. What’s more, we also tend to think of far away, exotic locales such as the Amazon. So you might be surprised to learn that rain forests can also be found a little closer to home -- temperate rain forests, that is.

Temperate rain forests receive 200 to 400 centimetres of rain per year, and feature mild, or temperate, temperatures (from 4 to 12 degrees), as well as plenty of humidity. A closed canopy of trees often excludes much of the sky, with sunlight filtering through onto the forest floor. A fine mist hangs in the air while water drips from the large, moss-covered trees.

Although temperate forests cover a large part of the globe, temperate rain forests can only be found in a few regions around the world -- one of which is the west coast of North America, including North Vancouver, B.C.

The temperate rain forest of North Vancouver is a tourist-worthy attraction -- especially fun for families or adventurous types. Travellers can explore it by traveling across the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which spans a 230-foot canyon, or by taking an escorted tour through the forest.

Here’s a chance to experience North Vancouver’s rain forest at a great price. A group of North Vancouver hotels are featuring a Christmas Rain Forest Getaway package, which includes a walk along the suspension bridge, a guided tour of the rain forest, and one night accommodation, among other extras. These packages start at just $180. These offers are valid for travel Dec. 2 - Jan. 2; book by Nov. 27.

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