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Wow Deal Destinations for 2013

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"Where Should I Go Next Year?"

Let Travelzoo jump-start your vacation planning for 2013.

Our Deal Experts have narrowed down the world to five favorite destinations where we anticipate a strong collection of "wow" deals based on recent trends, industry projections and buzz.

In no particular order, they are: New Zealand, Ireland, Niagara Falls, Colombia and Alaska. So dust off that passport (or parka) -- and start exploring.

New Zealand
Adventurous ideas to include in your Kiwi Country itinerary.
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Learn more about events and deals for 'The Gathering.'
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Niagara Falls
Discover what to see and do beyond the iconic falls.
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Plot your journey through this sexy spot, home to pop icon Shakira.
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Take a helicopter tour or spot bears before or after your cruise.
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