Travelzoo Tips — Week 12

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Tip 77: Eat a Lobster Roll from Atlantic Canada

“Sandwiches don’t get much more Canadian than the red-and-white lobster roll!” — Member Jennifer

Tip 78: See the Northern Lights

Yellowknife Northern Lights. Flickr Photo by GoToVan

 The Expeditioners — adventure photographers Roberto and Bella — share a special guest vlog about one of Canada’s most spectacular natural wonders. Watch it on our Facebook page.

Tip 79: See Canadian Sites Named for the Queen

In a guest blog, Queen and Country, Alison Eastwood of Hello! Canada takes us to places bearing the Queen’s name.

Tip 80: See Carcross Desert, the World’s Smallest Desert 

“The world’s smallest desert (at 2.6 km. sq.) is near Carcross, Yukon, between Whitehorse and Skagway.”

— Member Greg

Tip 81: Feel the Heat at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park, B.C.

“It has been a number of years since we experienced the beauty of these springs but they are forever imprinted on my mind. There are three levels in the hottest, people were trying to boil eggs. We were there in summer, but the place must be a wonderland in winter with snow surrounding you, sitting in the warmth of the water. The foliage and woods are unbelievable — a very serene place in our amazing country.”

— Member Irene

Tip 82: Travel the Highway From Jasper to Banff, Alta.

“This is one of Canada’s most dramatic mountain drives, with outstanding vistas and many attractions. You will never take it all in on your first tour! There’s the Athabaskan Falls, the Columbia Icefields, the pristine waters of the mountain lake, an abundance of wildlife (if you’re really looking) and the ever-changing faces of the mountains themselves.”

— Member Paul 

Tip 83: Visit the Firefighters’ Memorial in Kitchener, Ont.

“It’s a gorgeous bronze statue situated in a small park near the library and the Centre in the Square theatre. There are many benches to take a moment to relax and reflect.” — Member Jacqueline

Tip 84: Come See the UFO Landing Pad in St. Paul, Alta.

“It’s the only UFO landing pad in North America. There’s a group of alien trackers in St. Paul who can show evidence of strange occurrences. St. Paul’s motto is “A People Kind of Place,” and they live up to it. Everyone is friendly, welcoming and totally accommodating to visitors — even the alien kind!” — Member Corrine

Come back tomorrow for Tip 85 and visit our 150 Travelzoo Tips page for all our tips, our travel sweepstakes and more!

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