150 Travelzoo Tips: Week Seven

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Tip 43: Visit the Farmer’s Market on B.C.’s Salt Spring Island

Celebrity chefs Chuck Hughes and Danny Smiles shop for local fare in the third installment of our feature, We’re Riding Shotgun on ‘Chuck & Danny’s Road Trip.


Tip 44: Go Green at Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Photo: United Irish Societies of Montreal

First held in 1824, it’s the oldest one in Canada! – member Susan

Tip 45: Explore Ontario’s Maple Trail

In her guest blog, travel writer Sharon Mendelaoui of Dream Travel Magazine takes us on a road trip through Ontario’s Maple Trail.

Tip 46: Visit Thunder Cove Beach in Darnley, P.E.I.

“Thunder Cove Beach is located about 30 minutes northeast of Summerside, P.E.I. This hidden gem is far away from the crowds at popular Cavendish or Brackley beaches. If you walk to the right, you’ll see dunes and sand as far as the eye can see. Walk to the left, and you’ll find yourself in a little sandy cove surrounded by the red cliffs PEI is famous for. There’s also the Teapot Rock, which is probably the most photographed landmark on the Island. There are no facilities and it’s a bit tricky to get to if you have accessibility issues, but it’s definitely worth the trip!” — Member Laura

Tip 47: Drive the “Lighthouse Route” (Highway#3) on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

“It’s the slow, winding road along the coastline, so you get to see and smell the ocean with your car windows down. And you can also stop at quirky or interesting little shops and cafes. –Member Marjorie

Tip 48: See the Polar Bears at Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg

“The zoo is a sanctuary for orphan polar cubs whose mother has died. Cubs are rescued if they are under age 2 and unable to fend for themselves. The facility is called ‘Journey to Churchill’ and includes an overhead tunnel where bears and seals swim. The zoo staff are world leaders in polar bear health and development and research into climate change. People from all over the world come to Winnipeg to see our bears and then go north to Churchill to see bears in their natural environment. It is awesome!” — Member Lynne

Tip 49: Cross Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge by Bike

“Vancouver is big on its bike lanes. The best suggestion come summertime is to rent a bike and ride the seawall — not only around Stanley Park, but take the route over Lions Gate Bridge. Your quads will burn, but the breathtaking views across the bridge will numb the pain with a sight that showcases the true beauty of the West Coast.” — Riaz Meghji, Host, Breakfast Television Vancouver.

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