The 5 Destinations for Wow Deals in 2016

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Savvy travelers on a budget can get a jump start on making their New Year’s (travel) resolutions this year with Travelzoo’s list of 2016 Wow Deal Destinations.

What sets this list apart is that it’s not just any “best-of” or “must-see” roundup that usually flood your inbox at the end of the year. Our Wow Deal Destinations list is comprised of places where we predict we’ll be seeing amazing deals in the new year. After rigorous discussions and debates, our deal experts narrowed a world of nominees to a pick of five. Consider this your budget bucket list.

Canada | Cuba | New York City | Norway | Puerto Vallarta

Two themes were common among all the destinations our deal experts selected this year.

1) Bigger Bang for the Buck
The buying power of the U.S. dollar abroad continues to make international travel very accessible and affordable for American travelers. The U.S. dollar remains at or near its highest levels against many other currencies. The real cost of hotels, dining, attractions, shopping and other activities is 10%-30% lower than a couple years ago in many major destinations, including those we list below.

Although we aren’t in the practice of forecasting foreign exchange rates, if this trend continues, 2016 will again be a year that Americans should be collecting passport stamps.

The strong U.S. dollar has a second effect — it makes the United States more expensive for international travelers to visit. This serves to soften demand in major U.S. cities that traditionally see large international tourism numbers. As a result, hotels and attractions need to offer aggressive deals to entice travelers to choose their city.

2) There’s More to Go Around
New flights, new hotels, new reasons to travel — when destinations get easier to get to, or stay in — we find that deals follow. In the five destinations we list below, all have seen supply increase in 2016 through the expansion of new airlines, added hotel rooms or loosened restrictions.

With these factors in mind, read on to the deals and destinations that will “wow” you in 2016.


Strong dollar puts a “25% off sale” sticker on our northern neighbor.


New rules open up travel to this island. Go in 2016 for an authentic experience.

New York City

A hotel building boom makes rooms easier to afford in the Big Apple.


Low-fare carrier, strong dollar combine to help make “Frozen” fantasies a reality in 2016.

Puerto Vallarta

Luxury resorts without the high price tag or crowds of Cabo and Cancun.

Safe travels,
The Travelzoo team

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  • vincent ejsnick

    Norway as a low cost destination? I dont know whether to laugh or cry. If it has truly (become) low cost, as suggested here, visitors should be quick as the currency may turn around at any time and then it wouldn’t be so low cost anymore!

    • Headster

      Lower than 2 years ago, maybe? But certainly not in the same rank as (say) Mexico!

  • texasflooring

    Norway is not a low cost destination.

  • Don Flowers

    I can agree with 1 of 5 listed… Canada and their national park system. The rest of the choices made are ridiculous for numerous reasons. Let’s start by saying not LOW COST and will NEVER visit a communist country such as Cuba, nor should any other patriotic citizen of this country.

    • treehugnhipi

      I am a patriotic citizen of this country, born and raised here, with an amazing legacy from my parents cuba, including family who were trapped there. They didn’t ask for a communist dictator to take over their country and impoverish their lives and imprison their spirits. i hope to have the ability, now that we can, to someday visit this beautiful country and it’s beautiful people. open your mind…life isn’t so black and white.

      • Don Flowers

        When the day happens when communist backed dictatorship does not rule that country and something closer to a more democratic power is in place, I might consider it a destination if am still around to see the happening. Until then , cannot support any country who is an enemy of this one… And all who oppose our form of government should be taken as enemies…..The world is very black and white , you either are on one side or the other…. you cannot be patriotic and support most of the moves our own current regime has made. They are intended to make this country more like the place you wish to now visit and much less like the mostly free one I grew up in .

        • Chris Dickinson

          Wow Dan — lighten up — its just a travel site!

          • summer


        • Bill

          All who oppose our form of government are enemies? Why do you think Cuba opposes our form of government? Are you implying if a country isnt a democracy then they are our enemy? The world is so far from black and white it’s not even funny Don……..people like yourself are the ones who spread hate and exclusion based on your personal ideals. I can only imagine your religious views! lol

          Be careful in Europe, those Socialists might do ungodly things that dont jibe with the US’s ideals!

  • davidhh94

    Thanks to Norwegian Air (and fare wars with the majors), Oslo is Europe’s cheapest gateway city. Yes, Norway can be eye-poppingly expensive, but fly into Oslo, spend a few days there and at the fjords, and take a discount-airline flight (for $20-$100 each way) to wherever it is you planned to go in Europe, and you might just come out ahead.

  • TomCruise

    Canada have lots of attractions which always fascinate me to have fun .

    • harysmith

      I am agree with you and have a great experience in canada.

  • joney

    Cuba is really the best kind of place to go for and to enjoy a lot of things with mates for sure.