Watch: How to Hack Disney World in 6 Easy Steps

Deal Expert, Chicago
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Read more of our best Disney World tips:

*This video has been updated to remove the tip about Disney’s Animation Station, which is now closed.

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  • alvin

    If everyone did what he’s suggesting, none of it would work

    • stueycat

      These tips really only work if you are a resort guest, but they do help! Recently stayed a week at Disney, and by using morning magic hours was able to go on all the major magic kingdom rides within an hour, and using the late hours got to see the Christmas lights at Hollywood studios with no crowd! We did leave midday back to the hotel for awhile, or went to a different park, but it meant we weren’t burnt out by the end of the day

    • Jim McNally

      Theoretically, you are correct. But look how many people still don’t use free FastPasses.

  • david lee

    Looks like you have to pay for As a former Florida resident annual passholder, the best app I found for wait times (and I tested a lot) was Disney’s own My Disney Experience. The times on the app are linked electronically to the countdown clocks on the rides and if you link your ticket/Magic Band to the app you can schedule FastPass+ appointments from your phone instead of finding a kiosk throughout the parks or at the rides themselves. You can even do them up to I think 4 weeks in advance–although you can only have 3 FastPass+ reservations at a time–but that’s no matter what, whether you do it in park or on the app.

    • Deb R

      I agree, I work for Disney & the My Disney Experience App is def the way to do. You can do pretty much everything from that app.

      • Michele Schwartz

        Agreed. I’ve tried every wait time and trip app. The My Disney Experience App is the best–and I don’t work for Disney. Just a longtime fan who goes very frequently.

  • Lisa Berton

    Walt Disney World is NOT The Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland is The Happiest Place on Earth. What is Walt Disney World’s slogan? The Most Magical Place on Earth.

    The “backdoor” at Epcot is not hidden nor is it a backdoor. It’s a normal entrance located in World Showcase. It’s a convenient way for visitors staying in Disney Resorts such as Yacht Club or Boardwalk to enter Epcot just like people take boats or walk over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

    Yes, by all means, go back to your hotel during the day. It helps people like me who can and do hit the parks from open to close. My advice, however, if you do go back to your rooms, go during the hottest time of the day, and not when this guy suggests.

  • alvin

    There’s nothing “secret” about it. It’s only useful if you’re staying at Disney resorts like Swan, Dolphin, etc. otherwise the long walk from the parking lot, bus terminals, and monorail would take forever.

  • elleB30

    These are great tips that I live by! As a Disney Cast Member alumni, these are the secrets!

  • Michele Schwartz

    Good Ideas, but, not nearly enough information to execute these “hacks.” For example, the “back door” at EPCOT that is through World Showcase involves getting to the resort area which involves a complicated transportation use and/or driving to that area. Easier just to go in the main gate. World Showcase isn’t ever crowded anyway.

    • Jim McNally

      Or park at DHS or Boardwalk and take the boat to the International Gateway – but I agree: you seldom park very far from the entrance at Epcot. It’s usually within walking distance, and no need to wait for a tram.

  • Jim McNally

    Everything he said is true – but these aren’t “hacks.” A hack would be telling you how you can park for free and save $20 a day (I know multiple methods, but I’m not telling).