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Deal Expert, New York
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Every couple that’s been together a long time gets asked the same questions: “How did you meet,” “What was your engagement like” and “Where were you married?” At Travelzoo, those questions elicit more … exotic … responses, as our avid jetsetters are keen to fall in love abroad, plan elaborate proposals on distant continents and even require guests’ passport numbers along with reception RSVPs. We’re sharing our favorite employee travel love stories to spark your wanderlust.

First Comes Love…

Falling in love on vacation — Warren

While living in New York City, I went to Panama City for a cousin’s wedding. A friend I met at the reception insisted I meet his friend Oscar, who was coming from Venezuela the next week. Even before meeting in person, we got to know each other a little on Skype and through IM.

After I picked him up at the airport, we spent the entire day touring Panama City and asking each other a million questions. The day he returned home, we made plans to meet up every other month, somewhere in the world. Dating long distance for us meant 10 months of travels through Maracaibo and Margarita Island, Venezuela; Rome, Porto Santo Stefano and Siena, Italy; before we both moved to Panama City. A year later, we got engaged in New York, married at Santa Ana City Hall and celebrated with family and friends from across the world in our adopted hometown.

Saying “yes” to forever in Tuscany — Angie

After 10 years of dating, we planned a two-week Italy vacation. Friends and family said we’d return engaged or married. Annoyed by the claims that he was supposed to propose on cue, Zach told everyone it wasn’t happening on this trip, so I didn’t expect anything. A week into our trip, we spent a day at a Chianti festival in Greve before checking in to a B&B in Castellina in Chianti.

After walking the gorgeous grounds, we opened a bottle of wine from that day’s festival. Zach got down on one knee, without a ring, and asked me to marry him. After saying yes, I asked, “What does this mean?” — after all, he didn’t have a ring. Shopping for one in Milan was harder than we thought, so the ring came along once back in the States. I love that he was so inspired by our experience that he had to propose; no amount of pressure made that happen, just the beauty and romance of Italy.

… Then Comes Marriage …

Joining families and cultures — Sarah

In February 2016, I went to India with my then-fiancé and future mother-in-law to prepare for our intercultural wedding. We spent two weeks traveling between cities, sampling intricate fabrics to create custom wedding outfits and picking out glamorous Indian wedding day apparel for friends and family back home — we ended up bringing back about 75 sarees! This also gave me the opportunity to meet local family members, eat the best Indian food of my life and test out henna designs. It was amazing to experience my mother-in-law’s homeland with her, and we can’t wait to return next year as a married couple!

Destination wedding in Playa del Carmen — Anna

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia; Anson is from Foshan, China. With family and friends flying in from all over the world and not speaking each other’s languages, we decided that an all-inclusive destination wedding would bring people together while letting us enjoy our happiest of times without too much stress.

After weeks of research, we decided to host our wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The resort we picked met our criteria: all-inclusive, environmentally friendly, intimate and absolutely beautiful. At the end of the four-day celebration, friends and family couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had. As for me, I kept thinking of that stunning sunset Anson and I watched as we escaped the hustle and bustle of our reception and had our first moment alone as husband and wife.

… Then Comes the Baby in the Baby Carriage

Babymoon in Portugal — Valentina

After six years of marriage and the birth of our son Benji, we found out in December 2016 that we were expecting our second child – a girl! Jonny and I decided to plan a babymoon before she arrived and considered Tokyo, Mallorca, Croatia, London and Bermuda before choosing Portugal. It was a new destination for both of us, close to NYC, Zika-free and very affordable since the Euro is in our favor.

It wasn’t easy to leave Benji at home, but once we were there, we had a wonderful time – especially sampling the seafood, gelato and Portuguese cuisine prepared by Michelin-starred chef Jose Avillez. After Lisbon, we spent three days relaxing on the Algarve beaches. I think it is important for parents to allow themselves a little break and enjoy time with their partners like the days before having children. This was the perfect opportunity for us to connect again as a couple and a reminder of all the reasons we fell in love and chose to start a family together.

Retracing family heritage with the next generation — Christie

To celebrate our one-year anniversary in May 2009, my husband and I booked a trip to Ireland. We toured the entire country and said one day we would bring our children back, since Bruce’s family is from Ireland. In March 2016, we did just that! We booked the Adare Manor deal through Great Value Vacations and took our two kids and all of Bruce’s family back to Ireland. We visited some of the exact same spots last year that we saw in 2009. Someday, we will take the kids to Paris, where we got engaged in 2006.

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