This Rooftop Hotel in Australia Is Making Us Rethink Camping

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The rooftop of a shopping center in Melbourne might be the last place you’d expect a campground, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at St. Jerome’s The Hotel in Melbourne, Australia.

We use the term “campground” loosely, because luxe Canvas Bell Tents complete with queen-size pillowtop beds, tablets, robes and heaters doesn’t exactly mean you’re roughing it. But, if glamping is your idea of camping and a night under the stars in the middle of a major metropolis sounds like your kind of adventure, we’ve planned out a stay from beginning to end to maximize the included amenities, activities and freebies.


We make our way to the top of the Melbourne Center and you are immediately impressed by the expansive views of the city that are shared by only 20 tents, which opened in May. It feels exclusive yet welcoming already, perfect for both high-end and down-to-earth visitors.

Settling In

Stepping into our tent, we are immediately greeted by a basket including plush robes and a tablet. The tent even includes a heater. We can already tell this isn’t going to be like that one family camping trip when we forgot to bring firewood.

The Amenities Begin

Not only are there robes and a tablet, but we also find a fully stocked esky cooler with local beers and water.

Food, Fun and (More) Drinks

Local beers were only a small taste of the libations to come. First comes afternoon tea, then cocktail hour and next grilled burgers. At this point, we can’t decide if we’re more excited about the cuisine, the view or the fact that we’re camping on a roof in Australia.

Cue the Activities

Another complimentary blessing, a game of strike bowling is included with our stay. We almost can’t bring ourselves to leave our cozy tent, but decide to take advantage of every opportunity and are glad we do. (Imagine: a fun crowd, lazer tag, karaoke and bowling, just downstairs on the third floor).

Falling Asleep

What’s camping without a night spent under the stars? We decide that we might just live here forever.

Waking Up

We have our complimentary breakfast hamper that we ordered the night before delivered in the morning. We could get used to waking up like this. (That’s right — those custom bikes in the back are complimentary too).

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Starting the Day

Ready to rise and shine, we join the meditation class at 8 a.m. (Guess what? It’s also included with our stay, along with 24-hour concierge service).

Exploring the City

Once again, we almost can’t bring ourselves to leave our lovely Homecamp canvas bell tent, but the city is waiting just below. We hop into the luxury showers, kiss the rooftop goodbye and explore what Melbourne has to offer.

Leave your camping gear at home and reach for the Champagne instead. But first, check out how you can save 45% on your stay at St. Jerome’s The Hotel. We love the idea of turning underused rooftop spaces into unique and exceptional ways to see the city. Your move, New York. Or Chicago. Or London. Or Paris. Really, isn’t this a trend we should all get behind?

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