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What’s in a name? For five lucky people, it could be a free trip to Hawaii.

We’ve teamed up with Starwood Hotels and Resorts to send 5 lucky people to Hawaii. But unlike most contests we already chose the names of the winners.

And we need your help.

Chances are that you already know someone with one of these names. Or a friend (or a friend of a friend) does and if so, share the contest on Facebook and Twitter — and maybe they will bring you along!

And if your name is listed below? Select your name from the drop down box, complete the form and you’re entered.

– John Smith
– Maria Martinez
– Priya Patel
– David Lee
– Amanda Johnson

The prize for each winning lucky name is a vacation to Hawaii including roundtrip airfare for two and 5 nights’ accommodations provided by Starwood Hotels and Resorts. There are a total of five prizes and only one person per lucky name will win a prize. Anyone with one of the lucky names is eligible to enter. Good luck!

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  • swinsonm1

    This is an absolutely horrible contest! Seriously? Who thought this was
    a good idea? I can’t enter, since I don’t have any of those names and I
    don’t know anyone with those names. This contest sucks, plain and
    simple. And how were those particular names chosen, anyhow? I noticed
    that there are no names from the Slavic countries. Boo, Travelzoo!

    • MarcTMatt

      I think this is a ploy to get more Internet personal information on individuals who believe there still is a “Free Lunch”, take my word, this not one.

  • Alexis Chontos

    I do not have one of those names, nor do I know anyone who has one of those names. I also noticed that there are no eastern European names nor any names representing many other cultures. Seriously, what were you thinking?

  • Carmen

    There must be something I am not understanding… right? This is a pro-motion? My reactions to this make me want to give travelzoo a de-motion!

    • john

      That’s what I was thinking and I read the rules 5 times.

  • Samantha And Riley


  • Samantha And Riley

    So is Travel Zoo saying they only want to give trips to Hawaii if you fit one of three ethnic cultures? White (60%), Hispanic (20%) and Indian/Pakistani (20%) have a chance of winning, everyone else be damn. WOW TravelZoo, Starwood hotels really puts out there that they don’t want certain cultures to win trips to their establishments. So not cool in this day and age.

    • john

      Can you believe this. I read the rule five times and still can’t see it any other way but the way you described. They just lost me as a customer.

    • Capn_Craptastic

      That’s pretty impressive. You can tell the ethnicity of people without meeting them or even seeing pictures of them! Where did you learn that skill?

    • Huh?

      Race card…race card…Who’s got the race card? Samantha and Riley does. Winners?

    • SD

      LOL!!! I wonder how many John Smiths will reply. Too funny!

    • Blossom

      Nah. My husband is black and has a “white” first name and Irish last name.

      I know an American Japanese lady with a very generic “white” first and last name.

  • Tamara Sarafijanovic

    wow im speechless….lol i can’t believe you guys would do this..

    • john

      i’m with you, still scathing my head in disgust.

  • julie

    I’m not understanding the point of this? Why would I bother? Not sure why Starwood would think this would promote their brand…..this doesn’t make me want to deal with Travelzoo either….pointless.

  • Debi

    My brother is David Lee! I’m sending this to him!

  • Kathi Feyti

    A contest you can’t enter? What was the point?

  • Debbie Hess Bixby

    What a poor excuse for a contest. If it’s not your name or someone you know you can’t enter. This is how they can offer a trip to Hawaii, it most likely won’t be claimed. Poor advertising, just makes me not trust Travel Zoo.

  • Danny

    What a stupid contest!

  • barbc824

    Harebrained idea for a contest! Think I’ll not be opening any more of their emails.

  • Brian Cotter

    It would seem that those that DON’T Like this promo…..DON’T like it …..BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T PICKED…….at RANDOM!!!!!! So I have missed out BUT what a thrill for those whose names were picked…..Congrats David Lee.i=

  • john

    I think I see a lawsuit in the future if I’m reading this right. This is unbelievable.

  • victor echeverria

    I been a travelzoo fan, but this sweepstakes is ridiculous. I am very disappointing.

  • Donna Maxwell

    Where do you sign up…..is this a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Christopher Lee

    this is the funniest contest I’ve ever seen!

  • TravelzooBlog

    Thank you for your comments. We appreciate your feedback. We run a variety of contests at Travelzoo and this contest is meant to be fun, unique and inspire connections through social sharing.

    • bmorin54

      Yea. It’s not doing what you intended. I won’t be returning.

  • ally

    wasn’t john smith in pocohantas????????

  • ally

    and David Lee????Roth—– lol cuz I think he can pay for his own trip

  • Allyson Rochkus Roethle


  • bmorin54

    This is one of the dumbest giveaways I’ve seen. You’d think they would want to draw as many people to their site as possible and not just people who share one of 5 random names. I won’t be returning to Travel Zoo. Way to lose customers.

  • Carl Memmer

    You can not enter your name for the contest to Hawaii – a drop down menu appears

  • Adaria Johnson

    Ugh why couldn’t it be adaria johnson love❤ to win