How to Save Cash in Cabo

Deal Expert, New York
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Planning on visiting San Jose del Cabo or San Lucas del Cabo, but not sure where to stay or what to do? Follow these five tips to hit the top sights, all while saving a little pocket change.

1. Los Cabos = Dos Cabos
When picking a resort, know which of the two Cabos suits your vacation style. If you’re looking to have a relaxing stay away from tourist hotspots, then San Jose is a much stronger fit. San Lucas is where you’ll find the majority of the nightlife and major tourist attractions like the famous Arch.

2. Take the Bus, Not Cabs
If you’re looking to travel between San Jose and San Lucas, you will quickly learn that cabs are charging around $40USD each way. Save some money and travel green! For $3 per person each way, travelers can take the bus between the two cities. The buses are modernized, clean and run frequently. The bus ride between San Jose and San Lucas is about 20-30 minutes.

3. Do not book tours with your hotel or at the airport
As soon as you clear customs for a vacation in Los Cabos, you are met with a barrage of people inside of the airport trying to sell you tour packages. Although the packages sound very enticing, one detail many leave out is that you will likely need to see a timeshare presentation.

Hoteliers, airport staff, even vendors at grocery stores, will try to sell you packages for snorkeling and a glass-bottom-boat tour of the famous Arch in San Lucas. Most of these packagers are charging anywhere from $60-$90 per person, which typically includes food on the boat and transportation.

However, if you go the Marina Cabo San Lucas, you will find tour operators everywhere. Many, if not all, of the operators at the Marina will negotiate the price. I was able to take a private boat tour to the Arch, Lover’s & Divorce Beach, plus snorkeling, for $10 per person, including tip. Granted, my boat tour wasn’t as grand as one that included food, I had no issues using my $50-$80 savings to buy a fancy meal and souvenirs.

4. No need to change currency
Unless you really enjoy having the currency from another country, avoid the exchange fees and just go with USD. The majority of restaurants, shops and tours will quote prices in USD on top of pesos.

5. Top sites to see
There are three major sites to see, and they’re all right next to each other. Take a glass-bottom boat and visit the Arch in San Lucas. Lucky travelers can even walk under the Arch, as every four years the water level lowers.

The top other must-see destinations are Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach. Many beaches in Los Cabos are not swimmable due to the current. Both Lover’s and Divorce beaches are swimmable options for tourists. You need to take a boat to get to them, as they are both located near the Arch. Additionally, there are a few locations in the Sea of Cortez that offer snorkeling.

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  • Sherrie Miller

    This is not a very well written article and do not take the advice about using USD. You are far better to convert them to Pesos first as you will spend more money. Also $10 USD per person is way more than you should be paying to go to the arch. I live in Cabo. I know.

    • JLEWIS

      Which of the two resorts would you recommend and what seems a fair price? We are just wanting to get away to relax and swim, not into the big tourist scene.

      • Sherrie Miller

        I prefer Cabo San Lucas by far to San Jose. But it is up to the person. San Jose Del Cabo is always quiet, is more artsy, and historical. Cabo San Lucas can be whatever you want it to be. It can be touristy or not touristy. Much depends on where you choose to stay and if you will have transportation or will catch the public bus system. If you have transportation you can go to more remote beaches. There are several resorts in Cabo that are quiet, and very nice. There’s good shopping in Cabo, very nice restaurants, many quiet and intimate and many are very touristy. There’s a little bit of everything.

  • Mario Moreno

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