Here’s What’s Up: This Week in Travel News, Halloween Edition

Deal Expert, Chicago
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Helloooo out there, Travelzoonatics! (TM 2015 Mandy Levy, Deal Expert/Pun Wizard)

Welcome to the debut installment of Here’s What’s Up, everyone’s soon-to-be-favorite post where we wrap up the weekly trending topics in travel, leisure, culture and lifestyle. When you’re ready for the weekend, check in here for vacation daydreams and travel nightmares, insider tips and Instagram trips, dos and don’ts, blogs and vlogs, OMGs, LOLs, and everything in between.

This week is a spooky week! We’re delivering the latest horror (and more-or!) stories from @TravelLeisure, @nytimes, @TMZ and @CNTraveler.

Feeling brave this Halloween? We dare you book a trip to one of the world’s creepiest attractions — from a literal island of dolls in Mexico to the haunted Colorado hotel that inspired Stephen King to write “The Shining” to the pickled remains of Frankenstein experiments at a “hospital museum” in Thailand, there’s some scary $#!t out there! Maybe if Travelzoo offered half-off an overnight stay at the Winchester Mystery House you’d bite, right? 🙂 (Something would!) Travel + Leisure has the spook scoop and a slideshow.


Photo from Flickr by Ben Rameriz

And if you thought Hollywood was all glitz and glamour, the dark side tour of Los Angeles showcases a ghostlier glitterati. A soft-focus lens clouds the dark past of tinsel town’s mysterious heyday: celebrity graveyard walks and true-crime bus tours are gaining buzz, and supernatural activity Google Maps are the new StarMaps. But be careful not to confuse a Botox overdose with the ghouls of Sunset Boulevard! Get the shivers at The New York Times.


Photo of Hollywood Forever Cemetery from Flickr by Sean Russell

It may not be the Bates Motel, but a vacancy at the InterContinental NYC has teenyboppers going straight psycho. One Direction fans are paying upwards of $5,000 per night to stay in the same penthouse suite where Harry Styles laid on the bed for the band’s new music video, “Perfect.” That’s precisely what these teenagers’ lives will be after their parents cough up a semester of college tuition for a pajama party. Bless TMZ for this story—and the official music video (you know you want to).


Photo from Flickr by Dion Hitchcliffe

We can all agree that the most disappointing trick-or-treating “treats” are: pennies, tiny pamphlets warning against the satanic nature of Halloween and chewing gum. Right? Well, spare change and the devil are problems yet to be solved, but London’s come up with a clever way to clear the sidewalks and subway seats of their discarded wads of spearmint. Soon lampposts and street signs will be adorned with “Gumdrops,” special trash receptacles for your done-for gum, which look super cute and help turn a sticky situation into a recycling miracle! Now that’s a treat! Conde Nast Traveler has the full flavor.


Photo from Flickr by Lars Plougmann


4630655594_ea0939a110_bAnd speaking of chewing, there’s a real-life Jaws lurking off the coast of North Carolina! Shell-hunters on the beaches of Surf City, N.C., have been reporting human-hand-sized shark teeth washing up alongside their conchs and sand dollars all throughout October. Scientists have identified the chompers as prehistoric megalodon teeth—once belonging to monster sharks up to 50-feet long! Keep shelling, Sally! You can sell those suckers on the seashore for some sick scratch! Feel uneasy about the world as it once was at CN Traveler. // Photo from Flickr by Cory Doctorow (note: this is a sample chomper, not necessarily from the Carolinas!)


Do you have a travel story that you think the world needs to hear? Email with the details or tweet us (@Travelzoo) using the hashtag #TZWhatsUp. 

Lead photo by Goran Bogicevic /

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