Here’s What’s Up: Tiny Homes, Travel Fashion & Life On Mars

Deal Expert, Chicago
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Hey hey hey, Travelzoonatics! Welcome to Here’s What’s Up, everyone’s favorite TZ blog post where we wrap up the weekly trending topics in travel, leisure, culture and lifestyle. When you’re ready for the weekend, check in here for vacation daydreams and travel nightmares, insider tips and Instagram trips, dos and don’ts, blogs and vlogs, OMGs, LOLs, and everything in between.

This week we’re delivering the latest from @BuzzFeed, @TravelLeisure, @CNTraveler, @PureWow, @SmarterTravel and more!

Good Week For…

Minimalists looking for a pied a terre – In true “it just keeps getting cuter” fashion, adored Japanese lifestyle brand Muji is making adorable tiny houses now! Three petite boxy prototypes, designed as urban retreats more than permanent residences, will offer the ultimate in cozy alone time: wrap yourself up in your comfy Muji PJs, step into your toasty Muji slipper socks, brew some green tea in your delightful Muji teapot, nibble on some sashimi with your cutesy Muji chopsticks, send pen-pal letters with your delicate Muji stationery, and cuddle up in your fluffy Muji blankets, warm and peaceful and Zen within the four walls of your very own Muji Hut. Get the blueprint at Conde Nast Traveler.


Photo courtesy of Muji

Bad Week For…

Martians, for whom displacement could be a real threat: NASA is officially taking applications to fly to Mars. It’s only a matter of time before we colonize the uncharted Red Planet; if you want to be a part of the gentrification, hurry up and become an astronaut! Prepare for liftoff at Travel + Leisure.


Photo from Flickr by European Space Agency

Did You Know… ?

Friday the 13th is one of the cheapest days to fly – Take advantage of everyone else’s irrational superstition and save some scratch! If you’re not jetting off today, the next Friday the 13th is in May. (And, if it’s not #toosoon, another tip is to take your chances on 9/11; prices plummet then, too.) Just have a glass of scotch on the flight, listen to a podcast, and you’ll be fine. Maybe just don’t choose Friday the 13th to board Flight 666 to HEL


Photo from Flickr by Rob Hurson

From the Blogs & Beyond

“What Not To Wear” might be everyone’s favorite reality makeover show (RIP), but it’s also a handy-dandy list to keep in mind for your next flight! We all know the Mad Men days of flannel suits and pocket squares are long gone, but don’t overcorrect by wearing sweats onboard. Pick up some high-flying tips at Smarter Travel.


Photo from Flickr by m01229

Quiz Time!

With everyone up in arms this week about the “aggressive” new Starbucks holiday cups, we thought it might be timely to ponder “What Should Your Starbucks Name Be?”… Take the quiz at Buzzfeed!


Photo from Flickr by Lali Masriera

This Week We’re Dreaming About…

Our Happy Place. It’s mid-November in Chicago and it’s dark at 4 o’clock. In order to overcome the next five months of deep and brooding Seasonal Affective Disorder, we’ve got to have something to look forward to — or at least something we can pretend we’re looking forward to, like visiting the Top Ten Happiest Countries in the World. Stop your blubbering and daydream away at PureWow.


Photo from Flickr by Patrick Nouhailler

Instagrammer of the Week

Meet Liz Carlson, aka youngadventuress, an all-American girl abroad, presently in New Zealand. Keep up with her colorful life as she explores the world via its gorgeous great outdoors.


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