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No vacation is truly complete without the perfect picture to immortalize memories of a new destination. Natural wonders, places of worship and impressive feats of human engineering draw professional photographers and snap-happy amateurs from all corners of the globe, exhibiting personal experiences in each place better than any souvenir. In honor of World Photo Day, here are five of my favorite photogenic destinations.


eb-nyc from bk
It’s no surprise the world’s number one tourist destination is also the most photographed city. Every year, over 55 million visitors capture the famous skyline in their lens, including the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and the newly opened One World Trade Center. Instead of shooting the skyscrapers from street level, head up to the buildings’ observation decks for panoramic views of Manhattan and beyond. Or, for a different view on the city, pop over to Brooklyn for skyline images.


Buenos Aires’ La Boca barrio owes its emblematic electric coat to extra paint from fishing boats of the area’s Italian immigrants during the turn of the 20th century. Caminito, the neighborhood’s pedestrian walkway, is often crowded with tourists catching tango dancers, empanada hawkers and the flamboyant storefronts on film. For another taste of colorful local culture, tour La Bombonera stadium, home to the city’s most famous futbol team.


eb-st marks venice
Enchanting marble palaces float above the turquoise Adriatic Sea in the City of Canals. Bridges, decorated with padlocks symbolizing unending love, guide visitors over the water on this car-free archipelago and have become a favorite image subject. The Ponte dell’Academia, one of only four spanning the Grand Canal, ranks most popular.


blue mosque1
Continents and cultures collide in Turkey’s capital city. Previously known as Byzantium, then Constantinople, the ancient city is an opulent display of past civilizations’ wealth and art, as well as religious sites still important to modern Christians and Muslims. The Blue Mosque, considered one of the planet’s most picturesque houses of worship, is a must-visit for photographers. Maiden’s Tower signifies the meeting of Asia and Europe from its small inlet in the Bosphorus and is stunning at dusk from both coastlines.


sphinx and pryamid of khafre
Shrouded in mystery for centuries, the Pyramids of Giza withstood greedy looters, fierce desert winds and the sweltering Egyptian sun to protect royal relics and become one of the premier attractions for travelers worldwide. Serving as the final resting place of pharaohs, the three pyramids are guarded by the Sphinx, another iconic symbol of Ancient Egypt. Wander the Giza Plateau for different angles, capturing the aged architecture juxtaposed against Cairo’s modern skyline.

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