User Testimonials

Well Done!!! This is probably the most useful Internet tool I have used to date. It has always been a huge hassle to go to the various travel sites and input the same information over and over. This saves serious time, which I don't have much of due to my busy schedule. I LOVE Travelzoo. I tell everyone about it and recommend it highly to all my friends, family, etc. I use it often. Keep up the great work.
- Adam

This was the first time I've used Travelzoo and I loved it! I use to visit all of the different websites, individually inputting each address and all the different reservation information. It would take hours to find the cheapest airfare. Travelzoo saved me so much time tonight -- THANK YOU!! I'll be visiting you again soon!

Fastest way to find what I was looking for on the web!! You guys are helping me get my boyfriend here faster and cheaper!! It takes the hassle out of going to a million web pages **LOVE IT**

I absolutely love this SuperSearch tool. This is the only tool I need to find the fare I want. Keep up the good work.
- Chen

Absolutely SUPER! This will now be my new one stop shop. I have been a big fan of Travelzoo for a long time and now there is even more of a reason. Travelzoo is the best and I tell all of my friends, co-workers, and family to use it for travel plans. Thanks for continuing to get better!

This tool is a dream come true. Convenient and a time saver.

I think this feature is awesome. I normally check these sites anyway when searching for flights. This feature allows me to do that and I only have to enter my information in once. It's a great time saver!
- Michelle

One word. Awesome

I love the Travelzoo SuperSearch tool! I love having one page to type in my search parameters and being able to search all the different airfare sites.

This is the best thing makes looking for a bargain so much easier and convenient...Thanks.
- Gloria

Your SuperSearch feature is among one of the best features available on the Internet. What a timesaver in shopping! I have bookmarked this site and will refer to it always first! Thank you so much for convenience!
- Jerry

Very convenient to be able to enter your travel location and dates only once and then be able to rapidly check the price offered by numerous websites--just found this on your site, will definitely use it first next time instead of wasting so much time on individual sites. Thanks!

Your new SuperSearch is great!!! Thank you very much; it makes looking much easier and faster