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Advertise with Us
  • HotelClub

    HotelClub has enjoyed a good working relationship with Travelzoo for many years. Travelzoo have showed a willingness to understand our business and needs, leading to a successful partnership.

    Melinda Balazs
    Metasearch and Travel Research Account Manager

  • Sea World Resort

    We have been very pleased with the Sea World Resort campaign results and will continue to use Travelzoo during low seasons to drive incremental sales.

    Sue Elliot
    Online Marketing & Sales Manager

  • Toga Hospitality

    The ever expanding database of Travelzoo members together with the knowledge of the Travelzoo staff as to what works best in different markets really was the key to the success of the campaign.

    Marit Connel
    Revenue Manager

  • Quickbeds

    We consider Travelzoo as a valuable partner as we grow our consumer business and is the ideal channel to feature our exclusive deals to a large, price-savvy audience. We consistently see immediate results and Travelzoo is one of our highest performing channels for both traffic and conversion.

    Emma Gilleland
    Marketing Manager

  • Oz Jet Boating

    As more of our customers look online for great offers, the Travelzoo Top 20 has been a great way to target this audience.

    Nikki Giumelli
    Sales Manager

  • Tours To Go

    We have been very pleased with the results of each Travelzoo campaign and feel it is the qualified database that ensures a high click through rate and conversion from look to book.

    Andrew Johnston
    Managing Director

  • Catalina Restaurant

    Our campaign with Travelzoo was positive in every way. The clientele have been pleasant, appreciative diners who spent beyond the voucher value and tipped our service staff. The Travelzoo audience appears to be very exclusive and in line with the target audience we are interested in attracting to Catalina Restaurant.

    Judy McMahon

  • Sails on Lavender Bay

    Travelzoo take great pride in the quality of their audience and we have noticed additional spends from the diners. The fact that the deal was open for 7 days showed the deals are given much more consideration before they are published and not rushed like many of the other sites.

    Greg Anderson

  • Baroque Bistro

    We had been approached by many companies but had received a positive reference for Travelzoo from another restaurant group in the Sydney area. After meeting with Travelzoo, it was refreshing to see a well established brand taking a different and more flexible approach to the concept.

    Michal Hicks

There’s a reason why we’re called The Deal Experts

Since 1998, we’ve established a standard of excellence that has helped us become the trusted publisher of travel, entertainment and local deals on the Internet. Travelzoo® works with advertisers around the world publishing compelling deals that stimulate and capture demand. We drive qualified leads and measurable results direct to suppliers.

Did you know?


The number of countries where Travelzoo publishes deals.


The number of deal experts vetting and publishing Travelzoo deals.


The number of advertisers leveraging Travelzoo.

29 million

The number of affluent and sophisticated Travelzoo members receiving your deals.

$50.7 billion

The amount of money Travelzoo members spend per year on leisure travel bookings.

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Our Publications

  1. Top 20™
    The Top 20 is the definitive list of the week’s 20 best travel and entertainment deals that have been evaluated by Travelzoo’s deal experts and rigorously tested by the Test Booking Centre.
  2. Newsflash™
    Newsflash is a geo-targeted e-mail alert service that informs Travelzoo members about relevant, time-sensitive deals.
  3. Travelzoo® websites
    www.travelzoo.com is an online resource providing outstanding deals available directly from 2,000 companies across various categories and locations.
  4. SuperSearch™
    SuperSearch is a travel search website that allows users to search for the best deals by entering an itinerary that will provide a list of all recommended resources.
  5. Travelzoo Local Deals
    Travelzoo Local Deals publishes local restaurant, spa and entertainment deals in cities across the world. Travelzoo Local Deals combines high-quality deals, Travelzoo’s rigorous vetting process and the group buying model to stimulate immediate, incremental business for local merchants.