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Las Vegas: Tips to Save on The Strip

Blinding lights, ringing slots and pricey cocktails -- it’s not an easy feat to save while on the Las Vegas Strip (nor is it easy on your feet). I’ve been to Vegas numerous times and acquired some helpful tips each journey. The next time you’re headed to Sin City, keep these few things in mind to save some of that cash for the roulette wheel:

  • When looking for a Las Vegas hotel deal, try to plan your stay to include some midweek dates. Hotel rates are much cheaper from Sunday to Thursday -- 4-star hotels for under $49 (US$50) in some cases. The tables, shows, clubs and restaurants will be less crowded -- and often willing to discount. Plus, flights to Vegas from other US cities are most expensive for Friday arrivals and Sunday departures.
  • Use social media to your advantage and be sure to follow your hotel on Twitter and Facebook for exclusive promotions for their fans. Clubs and bars also sometimes release specials only to their followers – check them out and plan your evening festivities accordingly.
  • Hydration is essential in the desert heat, poolside and for those mornings after a long night. Leave the expensive bottled water in the minibar and invest in a water bottle with a filter. You won’t have to pay the enormous upsell at the airport, you’ll sail through security and you’ll have water on hand 24/7.
  • Stock up on snacks and beverages at the convenience stores along The Strip. Prices here can be more affordable than hotel gift shops, cafes and minibars. You won’t ever go hungry while lounging at the pool, and you can mix a cocktail of your choice in your room before heading out for the night. Plus, there’s no culinary alternative to instant mac and cheese at 4am.
  • Keep an eye out for happy hour specials while walking The Strip during the day. Many bars and restaurants feature drink and food deals at a discounted price from their normal hours. When you can get raw oysters called “2 Buck Shucks” you know you’ll be at the bar for a while.
  • Keep an eye on your email, for Las Vegas entertainment deals and local deals a couple weeks before you leave for great deals on shows, restaurants and spas during your stay.

Remember these few hints to keep some more cash for the tables, and ladies -- your feet will thank you for hailing a cab instead of walking in those very cute, very treacherous heels.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011
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