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Featured Destination: Norfolk Island

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Why choose Norfolk Island?

Norfolk Island offers sites rich with history, a relaxed 'island time' mentality, walks or bike-rides in heritage-listed national parks, unique wildlife encounters and locally sourced delicacies -- all less than 3 hours from mainland Australia. With direct Air New Zealand flights twice a week from both Sydney and Brisbane, this is your opportunity to discover why Fodor’s Travel describes Norfolk Island as “clean, green and breathtakingly beautiful”.

National Park & Botanic Gardens
Parks in Mount Pitt and on coastal Phillip Island are home to unique flora and fauna
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Watersports & Activities
Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island gets great surf, as well as calm bays and lagoons
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World Heritage Sites
From the former convict site at Kingston to the Bounty Folk Museum, the island has a rich history
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Upcoming Events
Join events such as the Country Music Festival, Ballroom Dancing Festival and Rugby on the Rock
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360° of Norfolk
360° of Norfolk
Norfolk Island Tourism
Bare Kiwi

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