Featured Destination: Cook Islands

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The Idyllic Cook Islands

Boasting green volcanic peaks, turquoise lagoons rich with marine life, a rich culture and laid-back island lifestyle, it’s easy to see why the Cook Islands was shortlisted for the ‘World’s Leading Island Destination’ at the 2016 World Travel Awards.

With a direct flight departing Sydney every Friday, you can get to this Pacific paradise in just under six hours. Alternatively, flights to the Cook Islands via Auckland also depart daily from all major Australian cities.

Take a Day trip to Aitutaki
Be mesmerised by the beautiful lagoon surrounding the isle and impossibly beautiful white sands
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Dine and dance at an Island Night
Learn about the stories of the Cook Islands culture through song, conversation and dance
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Shop with the locals
Don’t miss the Punanga Nui Cultural Markets in the heart of Rarotonga every Saturday morning
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Explore the islands
Jump on a scooter and explore the beautiful coastline or venture into the mountainous inland
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Meditate and relax
Take some time for yourself with a beach yoga class or attend a local church service
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Get there
You can be there in less than six hours with direct flights departing Sydney every Friday
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